About the Book

In-depth coverage of the middle market in a single volume—based on the body of knowledge of the Certified M&A Advisor® credential program

If you own, operate, or advise a middle market company, what does this mean for you and your clients when thinking about shareholder liquidity, selling or buying a business? And how can you improve the odds of getting a deal done?

A vital tool for all business professionals interested in understanding mergers, acquisitions, exits and strategic transactions for middle market companies, Middle Market M&A: A Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting is a must-read for investment bankers; M&A intermediaries and specialist; CPA’s and accountants; valuation experts; deal and transaction attorneys; wealth managers and investors; corporate development leaders; consultants and advisors; lenders; and CEOs, CFOs and board members.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A holistic overview and practical guide to selling, acquiring or merging companies with revenues from $5 million to $500 million
  • Current M&A market trends, activities, and strategies covering pre-, during-, and posttransaction phases
  • The processes and details about the core topics and concepts required to successfully navigate and close deals in the private capital market
  • In-depth coverage of engagement and practice management for those involved in the M&A business

From a lucid explanation of the private capital markets -- to the impact of corporate development and private equity -- to valuation , financing and deal structure, this practical guide and reference is a complete road map to middle market M&A


Serving the educational and resource needs of the middle market M&A profession.

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